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Office of the Secretary of State

Proposed Administrative Rules

Petition Requirements

Certification of 820-2-4-.05
Proposed 820-2-4-.05

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Processing Voter Registration Forms

Certification of 820-2-2-.12
Proposed 820-2-2-.12

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Delivery of Printed Ballots and Preparation of Electronic Ballot Transmission System

Certification of 820-2-10-.08
Proposed 820-2-10-.08

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Counting of Votes

Certification of 820-2-10-.17
Proposed 820-2-10-.17

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Application for Issuance of Free Alabama Birth or Marriage Certification to Obtain Free Alabama Photo Voter ID Card

Certification of 820-2-9-.13
Proposed 820-2-9-.13

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Domestic Violence Voter Affirmation Form

Certification of 820-2-2-.25
Proposed 820-2-2-.25
Proposed 820-2-2-.25-.01ER (emergency rule)

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Procedures for Voters Who Have Moved from Address in Area Covered by One Precinct or Polling Place to Address Covered by Second Precinct or Polling Place Within Same Board of Registrars' Jurisdiction and Have Not Updated Voter Registration Record Prior to An Election

Certification of 820-2-2-.13
Proposed 820-2-2-.13
Proposed 820-2-2-.13ER (emergency rule)
Repeal of Proposed 820-2-2-.13

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Photo Voter ID Implementation of Code of Alabama, Section 17-9-30 (e)

Proposed 820-2-9-.14
Proposed 820-2-9-.15
Proposed 820-2-9.14ER (emergency rule)
Proposed 820-2-9.15ER (emergency rule)

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Procedures for Implementing the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act ("UOCAVA")

Proposed 820-2-10

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