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Fair Campaign Practices Act

Campaign finance in Alabama is regulated by the state's campaign finance law, the Fair Campaign Practices Act (FCPA).

For the text of the Fair Campaign Practices Act, please select a section from the list below.

Short Title (17-5-1)
Definitions (17-5-2)
Political action committees; officers; accounting and reporting. (17-5-3)
Filing statement to show principal campaign committee; duties and procedures. (17-5-4)
Statement of organization; notice of termination or dissolution. (17-5-5)
Regulation of legislative caucus organizations. (17-5-5.1)
Checking account; expenditures. (17-5-6)
Use of excess moneys received; solicitation, etc., of contributions. (17-5-7)
Return or refund of contributions. (17-5-7.1)
Reports of contributions and expenditures by candidates, committees, and officials; filing; procedure. (17-5-8)
Electronic reporting; electronic searchable database; rules. (17-5-8)
Legislative findings.
Filing procedure. (17-5-9)
Public inspection of reports; date of receipt. (17-5-10)
Duties of Secretary of State and judge of probate. (17-5-11)
Identification of paid advertisements. (17-5-12)
Cards, pamphlets, circulars, etc., to bear name of candidate, committee, etc. (17-5-13)
Corporate political committees (17-5-14)
Establishment of segregated, separate political funds; voluntary contributions; filing of disclosure reports; violations. (17-5-14.1)
Contributions by one person in name of another; contributions between political action committees, etc. (17-5-15)
Limitation on receipt and spending of funds by principal campaign committee of a state or local candidate. (17-5-15.1)
Fraudulent misrepresentation as acting for candidate, etc., prohibited; automated or pre-recorded communications. (17-5-16)
Solicitation by force, job discrimination, threats, etc., prohibited. (17-5-17)
Failure to file required statement or report. (17-5-18)
Violations. (17-5-19)
Appointment of designated filing agents; submission of reports. (17-5-20)
Note: The electronic version of the Fair Campaign Practices Act is provided courtesy of the Alabama Legislature through its web site.

Information regarding the various provisions of the FCPA and how they apply to candidates and political action committees is available from this site. The following sections include discussions of the major provisions of the FCPA:

This information, in addition to various forms used in the administration of the FCPA, is also available in electronic format from the elections section of our Downloads section. You can download handouts or forms. (Each section opens in a new browser window).

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